This is the playlist from the first show, broadcast on 25 February 2018

The Delux Radio Steampunk Show

I also present a two-hour show every Sunday evening from 10 until midnight on Delux Radio, an Internet Radio station run from Kent, in the South of England. The show can be heard on the Delux Radio web site here.

If you want to request a track on the show, email

  • Curious World3:41
  • Steampunk Pixie3:46
  • Just Glue Some Gears On It (And Call It Steampunk)2:48
  • Dont Panic 3:37
  • Automatonic Electronic Harmonics5:18
  • Splendid2:39
  • Terribly British4:34
  • Rool Britannia3:50
  • A Steampunk Symphony4:40
  • Maschinengeist4:05
  • Hanging Man mp32:58
  • The Copper War3:31
  • Monotony3:45
  • Haggard Ryder4:04
  • Isambard Kingdom Brunel5:47
  • Brunel1:56
  • Wenn Die Soldaten1:21
  • Eddison-Tessla2:58
  • Low Blow5:24
  • Goodbye Pompeii5:21
  • Have a Pie3:35
  • The Dolls of New Albion Overture4:21
  • King of The Fairies5:11
  • The Gumbo Song3:16
  • The Fall Of The Airship Solitaria4:40